It is finished – except for a last list of 23 items – paltry by comparison to the hundreds of tasks completed over the past few years. It, being a studio to create music and film I have been creating.

Last week I sat in the place of completing climbing one mountain – creating a studio – and the next mountain to climb. That of – ‘being artist’ and creating – in that space. This has always been the plan. It has taken a little longer than anticipated!

The ‘Voices’ in my head were strident: “It will never work, you are too old, no-one will ever buy anything, etc, etc, etc…” Where do they come from? I was exhausted and trying to go from climbing the one mountain (my metaphor for the work I’ve been doing) to the next without having a break. I needed and probably still need a mental and physical break.

Now, after the wedding of a friend at the weekend where Christiane was official photographer and I was child minder and support, I am back with energy returning.

It feels like a being in a place of transition. A place of putting on my ‘Artist’s Hat’ and being artist! The Producer (my other hat) has created the space for the artist to play – so go play and create what you will then. My, what a gift, what a privilege, how daunting.

Sounds posh, but that is my job today. Joy. To take a song I created in 2006, notate the melody and create the chords. From this to create the arrangement. I did the pre chorus and verse yesterday and found using a pencil and rubber on music paper is a lovely tactile process rather than entering the notes into the computer. I love the note and chord shapes that result. I was surprised to find I really enjoy working on small sections and getting them complete , building the song bar by bar. Amazing to be bringing something into existence.

The words of Jimmy Webb’s book ‘Songsmith’ I have studied and his wisdom ring in my ears as I test chords and notes before honing in on my choice. The ‘Year of Learning’ I took last year influencing my playing, view, choices and mindset.

So transition from Producer to Artist today. The journey continues. How amazing that I can see before me what I once dreamed of. Of course you can’t see it – but you will soon – God Willing.

Have a great day.

Love N

The photo – was taken yesterday bu Christiane…

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