LYRIC – WHO PROTECTS THE CHILD (IN YOU AND ME) below. How it came into being precedes…

I worked over the last two weeks on and off and all over the weekend to try to develop a cohesive business plan. This to present for a lovely top level business consultant who gave me time yesterday evening. It was so stressfull, trying to pull the various strands I have as possibilities together. Trying to define a central business platform when – in reality – I am in the place of full on creativity. It was a head change as I have been ‘Being Artist’. We had a good time, I got back late and today am shell shocked by the experience. Partly tiredness, no weekend break and working full out stressing (apart from watching DOI) and part processing what we discussed and his advice.

In the space of being about ‘As effective as a Chocolate Fireguard’ today
I have written a summation of DOI Sunday – which I might not publish as it grew to a note on some of my time with DOI overall. We shall see – the papers would buy it…

I am new to ‘Being Artist’ without ‘Having to be Producer.’ So I’m learning to be in a different place. Much of my pragmatic Producer side demands action that will generate income now. But the ways to do that interfere with learning and Being Artist! The result.. conflict… pain in stomach… sadness… stress… Will I be some sad starving artist? Have I blown it? Will I not be able to see through what I am trying to do? You know those thoughts that come when you doubt and are tired out and haven’t had a break for a while?

In that space I‘ve thought about the desires of the heart. Those desires that counter ‘Worldly Wisdom’ or perhaps ‘Coventional Wisdom.’ The place of being exposed that a child does not fear but ‘I’ as adult do. It came down to ‘Who protects the child in you and me?’ The lyrics came from there. I have structured each verse to rhyme each line with it’s corresponding line from the preceeding verse. There is probably a posh name for this somewhere. First time I’ve done this so rigidly it was fun and made my writing tighter. ‘Chartist’ is a bit of a push but; it’s a girl who’s in the charts! I find it of note that I equate ‘Being Artist’ with ‘Being Childlike.’ That’s how it occurs for me right now! Not adult at all don’t you know. Where does that come from?

Business Plan bottom line. In the trying to create the business plan – I have not represented ‘Nicky Slater as Artist’ strongly – because it’s still very early days. I need to keep going, have courage and see what comes. I need to protect the artist and the child as they explore and play and learn. That’s the job. Can’t be that difficult. Can it? Saw Kurt Browning dong Singing in the Rain tonight – thanks john Kerr for that and sorry you are not at World’s. Kurt is an inspiration and the production was awesome. So stop your moaning Slater and get on having some fun…

Day 51 – one seventh of the whole year – 2-% of workdays in a year if you do a five day week?


Picture? Christiane took this off the Suffolk coast – lovely low sun.

Love N
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