Valentine. There’s something in the air…

I’ve been away a couple of days meeting folk. A life changing time on one account and two business possibilities coming from another. I need to not get distracted from “My Year of Learning” though! On the drive out, which was 3 hours, you might have smiled if you had driven past me. I was doing my singing practise in the car. “Vocal Power – You’ll be singing better within the hour “- and goodness it helps you do just that. Well at least that’s what it feels like. What it sounds like may be debatable? Did you know you can use your chest voice in the upper register too when you are singing in the Classical style? Me neither. I do now. Me and Carreras are almost one and the same (in my dreams – no in my dreams I’m Pavarotti – no not dead just making a joyful noise! Well at least I thought I was getting closer to the sound the big guys make in the car at 70 mph! I was singing full out following a little blue Ford Focus ST with blue lights flashing alongside it’s rear hazard flashers. A very inconspicuous policeman, until he turned his lights on. Luckily, I was not speeding along when I came across him. He could probably have head my singing though. Hope he liked it.

So I feel something in the air. Something has shifted. I’ve had a creative piano and singing day, did ‘kettle bells’ in the gym. I used big weights on a couple of exercise. “Start with small weights and we’ll build up.” Yeah right, I’m a boy I can do more. Goodness 24 Kilos (the biggest Kettlebell we have) was my third level up. “OK lift and press that 20 times!” says Matt.  That  got my heart going and will teach me, or maybe it won’t. I like the challenge. Sorry… distracted… much watch that, back on track now.

So… ‘Something in the air….’ I can’t share… and as yet there’s nothing there… ha ha so I need to…beware – of speaking before things land. I don’t speak in rhyme by the way. What are you talking about Slater? Well, I’ve been chatting with some guys for a while and now seems the time to make things happen. We’ll see. I am hopeful. The world has shifted and it’s time to step out in a couple of areas. Funny, if I’d been doing DOI I wouldn’t be in this place and ready to see opportunities as I am. Cryptique I know but super to see possibilities and be pushing ahead with the learning.

And I’ve written a couple of lyrics. One, ‘Witchcraft’, is very strong, the other is about not needing someone’s love to be loved and I love it and feel it has a space to develop.

We are having Valentine’s Day on Friday as I was away Monday evening. Need to plan something?

And I’ve found an app to get Final Cut Server off machine so can now try a re-install that would be great if it worked. Can’t get into Raid but have a system to work through passwords and asking them for help. I’ll get it sorted. So little by little – step by step things are coming along. There is definitely something in the air.



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  • tease-and-denial

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  • mesmerize

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