Ok so it’s finance time and I find I get distracted by everything. Just wrote a journal entry and then a lyric this morning and now a blog entry. Lyric called CHANGING ME because I am being changed by this year of learning and inspiration I’m getting. It’s not comfortable either! So slow down, do the accounts, get teh VAT done. And you are singled out for a Business Records Check that sounds on one hand encouraging and on the other that they may fine you if you aren’t keeping your records well! So get your records out for the last six years so they can be inspected… Where did I put some of those receipts? Last few years on Kashflow so things are OK but I just need to dig out older records. Also need to complete a writing deadline by Monday that has already been stretched!!!

Once I am out of ‘the artist’s grove’ and into the ‘producer/organiser/system area’ I’m fine. It’s the transition I fight. I know, I know do a little every day and it will be OK but I am all or nothing so three months accounts to download, amalgamate then upload and log before VAT can go. At least I have a piece of paper that tells me the procedure to use step by step now – I’m getting better at creating little systems. I am loving learning and want to be full time on music and production. It’s exciting things are developing so finance and admin doesn’t occur to me as what I want ot be doing with my time!

I could have done without the BUSINESS RECORDS CHECK but, in a funny way, it will be good. I spent last week looking at learning about finance. I learnt that, for me, it’s not about the money; it’s about my character primarily which then needs more competence. Stephen Covey speaks of character and competence – I got that in spades last week around the area of money.

I was prompted by Joyce Meyers teaching on Money Christiane bought for me to buy some references she refered to. Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey and Money Came By The House The Other Day by Robert Katz, I then added Rich Dad Poor Dad into the mix.  My head was full and my spirit a bit low when I finished this reading over four days. The wisdom was great but something about character – being OK with success came up. It’s not about the money. I learned that Money has no feelings, it is A – Moral, it has no morals, it’s us who have the morals in what we do with it! And, money is active, so you need to be working on it, so it needs discipline. Something here to be looked at in more detail for me – great teaching but/and not comfortable. I need to be changing.

So now I am into looking at the my finance. Fits with last week’s learning brilliantly!!! Wish me luck.

Love Nicky

PS I bought the first two books from Amazon as used books! I have never done tis before I always buy new. I have recycled books that cost me £3.64 including postage each from the States. And they are brilliant. One was bought in Starbucks in Oregon and still has that original $15.65 receipt in it!

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