Christiane is reading a book by Joyce Meyer . We are a fan of hers. She recounted how we/I can be full of themselves, concerned about our own needs and desires, rather than the desires of others. But , she maintains, if we are full of God it doesn’t matter what our circumstances are…. It brings to mind many things. One, Victor Frankel in the concentration camps during the war who observed how people dealt with each other. Some would share their food even though they themselves were starving. Some would not. He observed how people, no matter their bodily state could not be owned in their mind by their captors, they could be free. Stephen Covey’s ‘The Seven Habits of Effective People’ brought this to my attention.

So how am I in this regard? I see the posters, the appeals, the outstretched hand. How do I respond. Often I just move on and I am thinking a lot about me. A champion does need to focus on being the best they can be and this can be insular and self centred. So do I need to look outside of me more? I shall ponder this… the answer is of course yes. Maybe I can do this through the net…

Meantime a lyric came that perhaps sums it up. Imagine a three verse and chorus. I know it’s not completely a hit lyric structure but it seems to work right now better than a traditional one – the last verse is a verse – it’s not a bridge…. yet.


Reading Dudley Moore’s Biography by Barbra Paskin – brilliant. I saw him once at Thames Studio. Wish I’d said hello now. But then I was on a different journey.

On tour in America the skaters used to refer to me as ‘Arthur’ the film was a hit and obviously my charm and accent worked – Ok and I’m not six foot five either. Anyway, I fell out of a limo in San Francisco on arriving at a restaurant where Karen threw a surprise party for my birthday and had persuaded me to attend. Dark glasses on – Rock n Roll. Didn’t spill my drink. But did fall asleep at the table and leave before the cake arrived – all the females from the tour were there for my birthday with no males except me and Mark! Hey ho, A night in my suite overlooking the sea… stop now.  Thank you Tom Collins for the $200 for the booze and the suite with a bar. Went to the local supermarket and stocked up with drink and wheeled it back into the hotel in a trolley. An afternoon party of margaritas… which explains why I fell asleep at the meal!  THere is more to the story… Enough reminiscing… I should write a book! Dudley’s escapades remind me….



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